• Das ökologische Leichtbauwand-System
  • Das ökologische Leichtbauwand-System
  • Das ökologische Leichtbauwand-System

The ecological lightweight wall system

for trade fairs, events and exhibitions

Sysboard Fact

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Uncompromisingly ecological by saving resources and by using recyclable materials in a sustainable manner.

Sysboard Fact

Lightweight but stable

With only 10 kg per square meter and its double-arched honeycomb core it’s a real lightweight in terms of stability.

Sysboard Fact

Efficient and fast assembly

Ready-to-install lightweight panels, a flexible modular system, little equipment and maximum versatility.

Sysboard Fact

Quality made in Germany

Highest quality standards responsibly produced at fair prices. Made in Germany – Less transport, lower emissions.


Less is more and optimal is better

SYSBOARD – made for your needs


A frameless, flowing, exclusive look: SYSBOARD is functional, easy to handle and can be used on both sides. The flexible modular system allows for high variability and fast assembly – so you can achieve maximum versatility with minimal equipment. The ready-to-install lightweight panels are dimensionally stable and light (10 kg per square meter). With a material thickness of just 30mm, they are ideal for transport and storage.

  • Sysboard Design

    Two sizes, two sides

    Choose between two widths: 1m oder 0.5m – both with the same height of 2.5m and a thickness of just 30mm.

  • Sysboard Design

    Intelligent hardware solutions

    SYSBOARD’s innovative fittings are extremely versatile. Components are interlocking and disassembly is a cinch!

  • Sysboard Design

    Flat connector pieces

    Use a variety of different connector pieces to build in whichever direction you like.

  • Sysboard Design

    Less equipment, maximum versatility

    SYSBOARD comes with just a few tools – to keep things in perspective and keep you flexible.

  • Sysboard Design

    Innovative dowel technology

    Securely mount exhibits and displays on the front and back sides of the lightweight panels.

02 / System

Easy to build — varied in form and function

Superior functionality for sustainable lightweight efficiency

  • Sysboard System
    Infinitely adjustable feet – Linear presentation surfaces even on tough terrain
  • Sysboard System
    Flat connector pieces made of stainless steel
  • Sysboard System
    Modular expansion and stabilization
  • Sysboard System
    Add, rearrange or rebuild at your convenience
  • Sysboard System
    Easy to assemble, lift, disassemble
  • Sysboard System
    Aluminum moldings for flush edges
  • System Beispiel

    Hinged doors

    Lightweight panels can serve as hinged doors

  • System Beispiel

    Sliding doors

    Put wheels on panels and use them as sliding doors

  • System Beispiel


    Mount shelving elements at different heights

  • System Beispiel


    Various sizes can be mounted at different heights

  • 12m²

    Examples of constructions on a total space of 12m²

  • 24m²

    Examples of constructions on a total space of 24m²

  • 36m²

    Examples of constructions on a total space of 36m²

03 / Material

Ecology and efficiency in perfect harmony

Eco to the Core – Uncompromisingly ecological


SYSBOARD lightweight panels are manufactured from a composite material made of renewable natural fibers. Their double-arched honeycomb core reduces material requirements by up to 70% with virtually the same properties as solid materials. Interior and surface layers are firmly bonded despite minimal use of glues. High-strength zinc die-cast fittings are especially lightweight and 100% recyclable.

  • Sysboard Material


    Melamine surface premium white, pearl texture

  • Sysboard Material


    HPL surface premium white, pearl texture

  • Sysboard Material


    Natural fiber surface paintable

  • Sysboard Material


    For uncompromising security: HPL coating + certification (fire class C-s3, d0 = B1 flame retardant)

  • Sysboard Material

    Variety of colours

    Choose between four different finishes and qualities (custom colors and surfaces upon request)

  • Sysboard Material

    Planning flexibility

    A variety of coatings and surface panels – in line with customer demands or local security regulations


It’s not easy
being green.

Take responsibility and
invest in sustainability


CSR investments are decisive for a company’s success nowadays, while also being an indicator of a progressive mindset and commitment to the environment. A key part of this is the conscious use of renewable resources. The SYSBOARD lightweight wall system is predicated on maximum environmental sustainability in the manufacturing process through the use of ecological materials.

Figure: Growth of SRI Assets by Region in 2012 and 2014, in billions of dollars (Source: Global Sustainable Investment Review, 2014, Global Sustainable Investment Alliance / GSIA)

Sysboard brings value and valuable things to your customer base

Optimally positioned – at events,
trade fairs and exhibitions

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